Can I share something with you guys? Lately, I have been on a (often challenging) quest for purpose. It hasn’t been comfortable in any sense of the word, and I’m sure many of you can relate. It’s difficult to share your vision with the world, but what makes it comforting is feeling like you’re truly on the right path. A path that not only serves my community, but also the environment in a real, impactful way. I have an amazing opportunity to volunteer on a bio-dynamic farm in Central America where I will be working closely with permaculture professionals and a master herbalist. I will also have the opportunity to cultivate relationships with local farmers and indigenous tribes; getting a deeper look at how they incorporate plants as medicine.

In addition to my interest in non-toxic beauty, sustainable farming has become increasingly more important to me. Are we using the best practices in harvesting the ingredients we use? Are we working with or against the environment? The permaculture movement offers vital perspectives and tools to address catastrophic climate change. Climate change affects low income communities at a much higher rate; forcing those in agriculture out of work, and increasing the costs of food, and making clean water more scarce. Without adaptation actions, climate change is likely to magnify the damaging effects of hazards and to increase poverty. With this experience, I’ll be able to provide hands-on learning opportunities for diverse communities around permaculture design and serve as an informational reference for best practices and current events in the field.

PLEASE help me on this journey. I am raising funds to assist with (but not limited to) :

Educational courses (permaculture design, biodynamic farming, agroforestry, environmental justice...)

Offerings to various indigenous tribes in exchange for their knowledge of medical plants and herbs.

Research and development for non-toxic insect repellant and sustainable sunscreen

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Permaculture : Consciously designed ecosystems, which mimic patterns and relationships found in nature,while yielding an abundance of food, fiber, and energy for provision of local needs.